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SITE NOTE: March 20, 2018 --

Like "for" (below), the last drawiing I'm making because of great people and guys and also to make a public statement, or the like.

I made for a few girls, although I don't think I'll update it for quite some time, after this last drawing (mentioned above).


March 17, 2018 --

Since I'm on break, I really don't want to stress out about it - the drawing. I'll get it done next week. I t's like a sketch with many things in it.

March 8, 2018 --

I should post the drawing/s thi s or next week - but i'ts not a painting and not drawings artists will really like.
Since the period of presents and great food last year, I've gained some pounds, and keeps me from eating things I would like to eat. Hopefully I'm getting better now. I really like eating. Who doesn't like to eat? Like roasted eggs? (below)
Thanks for stopping by.

Feb 7, 2018 --

The site and blog are closed again.
***I'm going to post a couple of simple drawings before I leave for a long time. ***

Thanks - for stopping in.






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(Note: Love food but not planning on becoming a cook.
I used to enjoy a lot watching cake making contests on the 'Food Network'.)