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May 21, 2018 --
Adding to many things, looks like another couple of days. It's somewhat big, but remember I only wanted it to be some simple drawings (or sketches). Because of limits, I'm not sure if anyone is going to like the quality though. But this week still looks good.

May 17, 2018 --
Got most things, though I'll add a few more things, but hopeully, I can still make it within a nice time. I have to add about 2 days for them (added to the 3 days left of this week).

May 6, 2018 --
Because of things added, i need more time. I also found a big problem. I have to add 1-2 weeks. Yah it's frustrating. Here's a smaill graphic of the whole thing:

Flower in a crown:
(Note: Nothing to do with 'the past'.)

April 27, 2018 --
Remember some things, so I want to add just a couple more things - I'll use the whole 2 weeks (mentioned 4/20). So I'm hoping next Sat. So it's been about 3 months, but the first month, I was still mostly on break. The 2 months after, were just relax and work. And also, it's bigger than I first wanted it.
It's a sketch and expressing things more than a very nice drawing.

April 26, 2018 -- To someone : go to (below)

April 18 , 2018 -- I wanted it to be done today, but it looks like it will be better if I wait until after today... sorry.

[Erased blogs from Feb 8 - April 20]

Feb 7, 2018 --

The site and blog are closed again.
***I'm going to post a couple of simple drawings before I leave for a long time. ***

Thanks - for stopping in.



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Pop Back - Mar 25:

Nice people out there. You know if I had it my way, I would like to talk to anyone, although for now, there are certain things I have to deal with, and there are things I'm not able to get around. I gotta be on my way, and do some things.
Girls if you do anything for me I really appreciate it, whatever it is -- although now may not be really the best time. Honestly though, I probably won't start dating for at least another couple of months -- Break, figuring out issues, relax, dealing with current things, etc. Thumbs up to everyone.


Pop Back - Feb 25: New Area : (Only to some girls. Guys it's best to avoid.)



Pop Back - Nov 25, Saturday:



Pop Back - Dec 10, Sunday:


(Note: Love food but not planning on becoming a cook.
I used to enjoy a lot watching cake making contests on the 'Food Network'.)





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